Friday, January 2, 2009

IFAIMA Membership Report - Updated 20090120

Dear AIM and COM Community,

This is a report on IFAIMA's membership, we are growing bigger and we want to keep you informed. From now on, we will be updating our blog with the recent numbers.
If you haven't done it yet, file your Application.

Countries (13)
Portugal, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, Nigeria, Slovakia, Cape Verde, Luxembourg, France, Sri Lanka, Albania, Kuwait, Jordan

Associate Associations (7)
AIMSA-Turkey (211)
AISAN-Nigeria (130)
AISINDO-Indonesia (25)
AISOA-Sri Lanka (15)
ALAISA-Albania (17)
APTICA-Portugal (129)
SKAIA-Slovakia (3)

Individual Associates (539)
AIM (409)
COM (0)
BOTH (130)

Corporate Members (1)

ICAO Regions represented (4)
APAC (40)
MID (7)
WACAF (131)
SAM (0)
NACC (0)
ESAF (0)
EUR/NAT (361)

According nr. 7 of article II of the By-Laws, you must be an Associate Association to have the right to vote on our General Assembly. Be a pioneer and decide our future from the very begining (South Africa - June 2009). Send us the Application ASAP.

Best regards

The Implementation Commission

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