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IFAIMA Report of ACAC AIM Workshop, NANSC, Cairo, Egypt 7-8 OCT 2009

Dear All

This is the IFAIMA MID Regional director report about the
ACAC AIM Workshop,, NANSC, Cairo, Egypt

  • Date and location:

- the workshop started at 09:30 am , Cairo Airport Road , NANSC building , conference room on day 7-8 October 2009

  • participants:

-71 persons represents , EUROCONTROL , ICAO, ECAA (Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority)
NANSC, IFAIMA and the organizer ACAC (Arab Civil Aviation Commission) :

-Ms: Stefania Gazzina
-Mr.Ken Reid,
-Mr.Paul Bosman,
-Mr. Eduard Porosnicu
-Mr.Alexandru Petrovski
from Eurocontrol attended that workshop
-Mr. Mohamed EL kady - ACAC organizer
-Mr. Mohamed Samoui - ICAO MID Office
-Mr. Emad Sallam -Head of ECAA
-Mr kabir gusau- IFAIMA 1st vice president ,
-Mr .Katriot Lutaj - Head AIS Albania ,and Albania association plus ,
-Mr, Ahmed Allam - president of EAMIA Association & the MID Regional Director has attend this workshop representing IFAIMA

  • Agenda item

-the agenda items has loaded by a lot of subjects related the transition from AIS to AIM.
-a lot of articles have been addressed related to the training and licensing of AIM staff , and that endorsed the role play of IFAIMA towards that subjects,
- most of presentation emphasizes on the road map of AIM in its 3 phases ,
- ICAO MID office announce that Eurocontrol request from MID region states and ACAC states to host the Global AIM Congress after Beijing (2010) and San Diego(2011) congress to be on (2012) , and he found a positive answer from Egypt to host that annual Congress

  • IFAIMA Presentation

-in spit of IFAIMA Presentation have a short time reserved to be presented ( 5 mints ) but relay it takes ( 10 minutes ) plus 10 minutes of discussions.

-Mr. Kabir (IFAIMA 1st Vice president ) did the presentation on behalf of IFAIMA on the 2nd day of the workshop under ACAC state presentation .
-he was able to answer all the questions that was asked from the participant ,
- Mr.Kabir asked Mr.KEN and EUROCONTROL to reserve a place for IFAIMA presentation in next Global AIM Congress 2010, that request have been done while Kabir presenting the IFAIMA presentation , KEN and Paul appear their acceptance
-During the workshop most of ARAB Countries have been informed by IFAIMA Tasks and they agree to join with IFAIMA before the end of this year.
-I talked a serious promise from
Mrs.Hanan Qabartai Head AIS Jordan,and
Mr.Hayder Abdalla -Head AIS Sudan and
Mr:Hassen Sahbani Head AIS Tunisia to start establishment an AIM association in their Countries and will join IFAIMA globally.

  • At the end of the workshop their are some objectives was achieved.
- 80 copes of IFAIMA brochure and application of membership have been copied and distributed to the participants at day 2 of the workshop
- 2 applicant from Jordon has file the applications of membership and it have been sent to the ES .
-IFAIMA has mentioned in the Egyptian presentation in one slides making clear that Egypt support IFAIMA .
-the big results from that meeting the endorsement that IFAIMA is already exists and it will play a big role in the next few years towards the transition phases of the road map .
- It is agreed that IFAIMA will mentioned in the ACAC AIM workshop report.

  • fore more information and photo follow this link

    best regards
    Ahmed Allam
    MID Regional Director - IFAIMA
    +2 0101 69 5200

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