Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hello Mozambique

Dear all,

I've been in contact with our coleagues from Mozambique.
They expressed to me the will to form an AIS Association and asked for my support and the support of APTICA the portuguese association.
I had the chance to talk to them about IFAIMA. This was a complete novelty to them as they were not aware of the existence of our federation. They got very enthusiastic with it and asked me to talk about IFAIMA to a larger group of Mozambique colleagues to which I'm gonna have the chance to meet. Of course I agreed to that and next week I may come up with more good news and maybe a possible future new association joining IFAIMA.

I ask you all to write on our forum some words of encouragement to Mozambique colleagues and wish their future Association a big success.

Best regards

Jorge Dias
Executive Secretary

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jordias said...

I did what I was asked to do.
I think I succeeded and the Mozambique coleagues are now starting their process of forming their own Association.
I hope that soon they can join IFAIMA and we can help them on their own process of the transition to AIM.

Happy new year to all

Jorge Dias
Executive Secretary