Wednesday, March 17, 2010

World AIM Day May 15 - 2010

Dear all
this is a desired ,
please read AIMSA request and try to propose another ideas for that day to be applied in local associations if they need in its celebration .

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to inform you that AIMSA, the Turkish association for AIM personnel, is on the way to celebrate 15th May World AIM Day already.
It is essential to create a common sense towards being an AIM personnel to make sense in celebrations. Firstly, it would be useful to review the past experiences of this kind of celebrations.
To build up an idea, we inevitably need your cooperation. In case we build up a collective idea, consciousness will be improved; among colleagues around the world on the basis of 15th May.
If you post me any materials and ideas about your associations past celebrations or any institutional publication, presentation, etc. for any reason (celebration, introduction, advertisement, etc.),
I will be very grateful. By getting all these together we can give effort to prepare proper celebrations.
Best Regards,

Özgür ÖZDEM&

Dear Jorge
an action we will applied on the World AIM Day which will be at May 15 each year, in accordance with the Rules of EAIMA,
the idea is in a big celebration includes all members officers and we will select
-the best AIS Officer,
- the best briefing officer,
-the best supervisor,
-the best director and
-the best cartography , etc......
they will be honored by EAIMA ,
and we will give them valuable gifts, this will motivate the others to perform their duties to the fullest and upgrading their professional ability.
So, I suggest that, IFAIMA can do that , EB can select the active members and will be honored in the Assembly , that will encourage the others to do more and give more work, it is also possible if we give him/her a small gift with a modest value for this purpose , it will cost few euros,Thanks -

Ahmed Allam
MID Regional Director IFAIMA
+2 0101 695 200

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