Friday, April 9, 2010

New "Manual VFR" Portugal

Dear Colleagues,

We want to congratulate NAV-Portugal and its department DSEGOP/DESICA for, on the 8th of April 2010, having published for the first time the new "Manual VFR".
On the 16th of November 2006, NAV-Portugal and INAC (Portuguese Authority) celebrated a protocol by which NAV-Portugal had to perform the tasks of:
· To convert the "Manual do Piloto Civil (MPC)" into "Manual VFR";
· To produce, edit and update the "Manual VFR" and;
· To produce and edit the NOTAM national series.
These objectives were now achieved totally with the publication of the "Manual VFR", once the production of the NOTAM national series started in November 2008.
This "Manual VFR" edition has the main objectives to publish specific information for VFR usage, to diverse the acces to the information, improve the consistency and integrity of aeronautical data e allow resource optimization.
The new publication is bilingual (portuguese and english) and is available on the following ways:
- In paper, A5 format;
- In CD-ROM;
- On-line, on Internet/intranet site of NAV/AIS (same as AIP) (http:/
IFAIMA is very pleased with the constant concern of NAV-Portugal on uplifting the quality level of the Aeronautical Information and promote the diversed access to the AIS products, by means of the new technologies.

Jorge Dias
IFAIMA Executive Secretary

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